Applied Leadership Series Welcomes Teresa Taylor

February 27th in Vail, Teresa Taylor will be leading an interactive workshop about her new book the Balance Myth. Despite making up half of the work force, women are in charge of only 3.6 percent of Fortune 500 companies. One in ten of the country’s largest corporations have no women on their boards, and across […]

University of Colorado – Boulder in Vail

At most Universities, student government plays a key role into the engagement and culture of the school. The Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado ventured to Vail looking to engage a student government that had plans on making a large impact during their semester of service.  Through the combination of Vail Leadership […]

Higher Learning in the Vail Valley

    The Vail Leadership Institute is happy to announce it’s support for the 2015 TedxVail event.  The Institute supports higher learning in the Vail Valley through key events like TedxVail. Join us on Friday, January 9, 2015 at Vilar Performing Arts Center in the heart of Beaver Creek, Colorado for TedxVail. The 5th annual […]

Startup Weekend Western Colorado

When the Vail Leadership Institute opened its BaseCamp co-working facility in January of 2014, there was evidence of a growing professional culture in the Vail Valley, but it was uncertain what impact a co-working facility would have. After 9 months, this facility has hosted hundreds of meetings, is at full capacity, and is a key […]

Values Based Leadership from the Inside First – Introduction

I would like to introduce you to a new blog segment: “Values Based Leadership from the Inside First”   Many of my conversations with leaders have centered around values and how to build a values based culture.  Through the Institute’s blog, I will be bringing these conversations forward in an attempt to provide practical solutions […]

Your Quest

Below is Gregg Vanourek’s full presentation at a recent conference in Stockholm.  Gregg has been involved with the Vail Leadership Institute for many years, serving for the last several years on our Board of Trustees.  The topic Gregg speaks about is one that many of the Institute’s retreat participants focus on as they develop plans for […]

Learning All Around

Each day we can learn from a variety of situations. When you think of what happens in your day, it is mostly “habit” with some spontaneous circumstances mixed in. Within our days, are we truly asking ourselves to learn and to “be present” in each moment? Or, are we going with the flow of our […]

Leaders look beyond the balance sheet

A balance sheet is one of the main financial reports for an organization. It tracks assets, liabilities and the equity of the company. Its companion, the income statement, tracks operating performance through revenue and expenses. Great managers master these two documents and can read deep into the numbers to quickly assess trends and shifts in […]

A Mentor’s Impact

Most of us have been in a place in our lives where the road has forked, or our future direction has become quite foggy.  In most cases, we are left with only our past experiences and skills to navigate a path to safe harbor or future success.   Yet, by inserting a third variable into this […]

Focused Leaders

 “Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention” – Herbert Simon 1971 – Nobel Prize winning economist This quote and excerpt below from the Harvard Business Review (December 2013) is a great reminder on all of the components necessary to lead in your life. “A focused leader is not the person concentrating on […]

The Power of Purpose

Our definition of purpose is the quality around which you shape your life; a source of energy and direction; your reason for being or why you get up in the morning. Richard Leider, author of the Power of Purpose, says, “Purpose answers the question: what am I trying to do with my life?”  It is […]