Executive Groups

The Vail Leadership Institute convenes executives for monthly RoundTable meetings that enrich the lives of the participants.

“On going executive education, personal mentoring, and a fresh perspective on how to overcome challenges and maximize opportunities.”   

RoundTable members are striving to reach new levels, but the most important outcome may be the relationships built through the group and the experiences shared together.

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A Mentors Impact

Most of us have been in a place in our lives where the road has forked, or our future direction has become quite foggy.  In most cases, we are left with only our past experiences and skills to navigate a path to safe harbor or future success.   Yet, by inserting a third variable into this…

Focused Leaders

 “Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention” - Herbert Simon 1971 – Nobel Prize winning economist This quote and excerpt below from the Harvard Business Review (December 2013) is a great reminder on all of the components necessary to lead in your life. “A focused leader is not the person concentrating on…

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